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    1. That site is a scam. It has nothing to do with our company. We do not send out contracts.

    2. They are still cheating on Freelancer. They just asked me to contact a telegram account called @Parkersmith1276 and sent me a contract.

    1. The fake/scam company is contacting people through Freelancer. That is not our company. We do not use Telegram either.

  1. Hi, i just got this scammer under name Crystal Publishing House through Freelancer site. But, i jusy want to make sure that Crystal Publishing will never connect via Telegram, right?

    1. Our company does not use Telegram. We do not solicit for work nor send out contracts.

    2. Hi, I’ve got the same issue. Did you got some answers from the person who contacted you?

      1. We do not use Telegram. You are being scammed by a fake website.

      2. I had the same issue, under the name of Terry Hoffman?!..
        Here’s his telegram ID

  2. It happened to me too. And I need the job so badly. But I am not naive, and ckecked it out. Thank you so much!

  3. I have been completely scammed. They asked me to do a project for them which took me about 25 hours. I signed a contract and everything. They approved the project and “processed the payment”. They then messaged me saying that the money will not be processed until I pay a $350 bank processing levy fee. At this point I realised I have been scammed. Such a waste of time and frustrating as the pay would have been ideal.

    1. luckily i havent send the so called contract which they ask me to return to them after I signed up.

  4. I had the same issue, under the name of Terry Hoffman.
    Here’s his telegram ID
    It was sad that I would like take some job through Freelancer. luckily I have checked your company before I signed up for the ‘Remote employee Contract’ and found this ‘Note.’ I think your company must aware of this situation and stop this fake/scam company.

    Anyway, thanks for your “warning notes” to save some people who are looking for a job opportunity, and hopefully one day I get a chance to work with your company.

  5. This guy Terry Hofman means already scammed or wasted our time so much, try to report this user in the freelance to get rid of him.

    Be watchful and careful guys

  6. I almost died, doing job within 3 hours sleep on 3 days, they give me a freelance job. I already finished it, but wow i just got scam

      1. Thanks for addressing the name! Joe Smith
        @smith_crystalexecutive is on Upwork today asking freelancers to use Telegram for more infos after submitting the proposal

  7. I just got scam. I have been through a lot to finish their works and asked me this $350 for the international money transfer fee. Ahh they are rude, since I have seen a lot scams but never give their project first.

  8. This guy named Terry Hoffman is also contacting me through Telegram saying that you need some people who are good at converting images into a word document file or pdf. I almost accepted his offer, lucky for me I checked your website first.

  9. The guy I was working with is Brendan. He said i should send $350 to clear my payment….. made me waste my time

  10. I saw the following job on freelancer.com:


    I received the message asking me to contact @Rita_Publishing on telegram, so I did. Upon introduction, they asked me the country of my origin and name. Then, they asked me to do the test in less than 30 mins., It was a translation test (English to Spanish). Upon clearing the test, they asked me to complete a project worth $1000. However., they stated that the payments shall be made directly which seemed pretty weird. Anyhow., I accepted the project and started working on it. 5 hours into it and I thought of checking the reviews of the company. From there, I got to know that I was being scammed since The crystal Publishing House LLC stated that a fake company was using their name and sending out contracts on Telegram. Upon direct confrontation, they got angry and used impolite words, which is very unprofessional behavior.

    1. Right now, I am contacting Rita Lawrence. i am not sure if this is legit or fake. They’re giving me an email add also where I can send the project when it’s done.

  11. Oh yes! Agreed! Lucky I checked your post.. as I was really close to ending them the $350 USD as I really needed the money which they’d promised me for a 2 day job which would realistically take a normal person 5 days to complete it! So wow! What a waste of my time and effort.. ive been talking to a guy named George Martin on Telegram.. I already addressed them about being scammed but they are denying it to me.. so im just going along with it.. for the fun of it.. they wanna waste my time? I’ll waste their time back!

    1. Okay same as mine, can I ask if they also got you to send your resume?
      I’m worried because I send my resume to him what if he would do something about my info.
      I only check this now.

      1. Well I’m glad that I could help and assist you.. as I wouldn’t want them taking advantage of other people.. as surely I’d appreciate it if I was told…but yes I had to send me resume to them.. but true moving forward . I’d question every thing that is aksed of me.. im surprised that they’re still getting away with this.. as im sure that they’ve perfected all their mistakes and made their updated scamming plan.. absolutely flawless! But yes.. with the power of sharing and social media.. im sure we can bring down companies like this!

      2. Well I’d love to report this to the police however im not located in the states.. ad I was working from abroad.. which makes it worse for me… but still not worth me sending them $350 USD

    1. They have been reported to the social media outlets they are using (Telegram, Upworks, Freelancer) and to the Federal Trade Commission Fraud Division in the U.S. However, they are not located in the U.S.

  12. Dear Remote Employee,

    Your project under Crystal publishing House has been reviewed and completely approved for payment. Kindly contact your project director/agent to discuss the payment method available for you

    Therefore, kindly send the details/address as a reply to this email. Your full payments would be processed and sent within 12 hours. Thank you for your usual cooperation and understanding 

    Best Regards,

    Crystal Publishing House .

    San Francisco (HQ)
    CA United States
    170 Columbus Ave #280
    San Francisco

    is that fake or original kindly answer

      1. They have been reported. That is not our company. It is a scam.

  13. Last week I was contacted by George Martin through Upwork, for a translation of a document English to Portuguese (200pages for a huge amount). After I decided to take the project he sent me a Remote Employee Contract. I found it strange and decided before signing I would verify the antecedents. Realising its fake i wrote to him back, mentioning that he was a fraudster and to stop scamming people.

    1. I signed the remote employee contract without thinking twice and sent the mail. Somehow it crossed my mind that it’s too good to be true. So, I came to this website. Asked the guy who sent me work to send me his website. He replied, he can’t as the website is under review. I realised it was a scam and came to read the comments here. I got saved from hours of tedious work. However, I have mailed them the so-called “Remote Employee Contract”. Should I be worried?

  14. Glad I checked this, I was in contact with George Martin on telegram, I was able to send him the contract and sent a resume too (applied via Upwork, I am so afraid now that they will use my identity online)
    He was able to send me the workload with 200 images to convert as word document file, I am so glad I found the original site, already blocked the guy on Telegram and will just waste his time if he ask for a follow up.
    I even confronted him if I need to pay something when it comes to the compensation they offered, and he didn’t replied back.

  15. Today I received a message from @joewilson01. He offered an exorbitant price and a contract, but after careful review, I discovered that their website was very simple and written in HTML with no official signs. And then I found you. In response to the client’s inquiry, I stated that the contract was almost ready, but they just needed to send me a commission of $350, and then I told them to go to hell. Such idiots should be banned.

  16. Also happening here in Israel, a guy called “Joel Dangara” from Nigeria is offering translation job. He offered 30 dollars per translation, and he told me that they have 100, so it’s 3000 dollars for like a week job. Thank you guys for let us know, appreciate that!

  17. @Joewilson01 me estafo, me pidió traducir 125 pagina y empezó a pedirme pagos de impuestos, que triste .

    (He scammed me, he asked me to translate 125 pages and he began to ask me for tax payments, how sad.)

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