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What a life Dr. Renate G. Justin led and how well she told in her memoir What I Have To Tell.  From her idyllic early childhood in pre-Nazi Germany, to the horrors she and her family had to suffer under Hitler’s murderous regime, to their escape and eventual safe haven in the United States, it’s a tale almost larger than life, except she did live it.  It’s a success story, but not the usual kind of riches to rags to riches.  Always mindful of the tribulations she and her family suffered under Hitler, Dr. Justin became a stalwart for civil rights, for fairness, for racial equality, a beacon against genocide wherever it raises its vile head in the world.  Hers was not just an American success story, but a saint’s tale.

Robert Cooperman, author of IN THE COLORADO GOLD FEVER MOUNTAINS, winner of the Colorado Book Award for Poetry

If you poke the Wolfe, you get the fangs. Beauty and Brains. Mystery and Mayhem.

Doctor Ava Wolfe has it all: beauty, brains, and extraor- dinary wealth. When “Mac” MacIntosh discovers Ava’s world, he courts her, hoping to accumulate his own wealth and independence. Ava realizes the hard, cold truth: Mac doesn’t love her. He only wants her social status and wealth. Determined to regain control of her life, Ava plots to turn the tables on Mac.

When Mac suddenly disappears, suspicion ripples through the community. A likely list of suspects falls into the hands of the investigators. Ava? Her lawyer and dear friend, Bernadette? Her new husband, Russell Giordano? Kelli, Mac’s spurned mistress? Mary, Mac’s new wife whom he despises? The mysterious Association?

“Macintosh disappeared without a trace two days ago in a Mercedes with $60,000 in cash.”

Where is Mac?

Young Adult Books

Strange how a single sound, like a snap, can change your life. When 14-year-old Jace befriends a lone boy, his dream vacation turns into a nightmare. Jace suspects Cody has a dark secret and seeks to help him-somehow. When the “secret” turns into a fight for their lives, the boys must use all their instincts to survive…. As the chase intensifies, they both worry. “What will happen next?” Cody carefully lowered himself down the ladder. When he reached the bottom, Jace started down. He stepped lightly, but as he neared the last step, his luck ran out. The ladder rung snapped and made a shattering sound that would change his life forever. He stumbled and fell. Cody’s dad woke with a start and stood up. Blinking, he pointed the pistol directly at Jace. A middle grade mystery suspense from Eugene M. Gagliano, poet laureate for the State of Wyoming and author of Wedge of Fear.

Fourteen-year-old Miya Skippingbird, aka Mega Miya, knows all about middle school struggles. She wants the perfect horse that will win every time so the rodeo kids will notice her in a good way and maybe even like her. However, Miya’s hope is shattered when her “Dream” turns out to be a stubborn paint mare who has no interest in running, much less winning a barrel race. “She’s the fattest horse I’ve ever seen. Yeah, she’s stubborn. She wouldn’t move. First, she was so barn-sour she acted like she couldn’t gather up enough strength to leave that end of the arena. Then, no matter how hard I kicked her, she barely trotted. To top it off, when I asked her to lope, she tried to kill me. So, there you have it. She’s not a dream. She’s my worst nightmare.” Can Miya overcome the viral videos and humiliation? Can she face her nightmares and stand up? Can she move forward? Take a chance? Sometimes you might win something unexpected. . . .

Rescued. Kidnapped. Ignored. Mocked.

“Godmother?” asked the smallest of the flower fairies. “Will you tell me a tale of the Magic from the Outer World of Men, one with kings who dance and the girls who enchant them? Such a tale will start my day of painting faces on pansies and ruffling the edges of the iris.”

And so begins The Lucien Saga, five tales about the kings who are rescued, kidnapped, ignored, and mocked by the girls they love. At first, little Elli despairs that the Outer World of Men has no Magic like her fairy Magic. But through Godmother’s telling of the five stories, she learns the Outer World of Men has something even better. And that is…?

jeremy heimer cover large

Every night Jeremy Heimer goes to sleep, he has a recurring night terror: the owl. Deep black, piercing holes where eyes should be. He soon realizes in his waking hours that his night terrors may foreshadow real-life danger! When a mysterious visitor kidnaps his mother, Jeremy’s only hope of saving her is to follow the clues that lead to a place just beyond our imagination. Coalescing ancient mythological stories and never-ending battles against the wicked, Jeremy must face the one who may have the ultimate power to save the world-himself. Does Jeremy have what it takes to save his mother and the world from the Lady of the Frozen Owl?

Overshadowed by the death of his brother, Tony is about to encounter the western way of life when his parents move from the East Coast to Wyoming. Starting in a new school as a sixth grader isn’t easy when your controlling mother is fearful of everything. Tony likes his new teacher, Mr. Brunswick, but Regina, the class bully, does her best to makes his life difficult. Jed, the son of a rancher, befriends Tony and helps him adjust to his new environment. Life becomes more complicated when his grandmother dies and a series of unpredictable events causes his father to question his ability to take care of himself and be responsible. In the end, Tony is tested when a tornado rips through his neighborhood.

MOONBEAM AWARD WINNER! Something has changed at the Gregson Manor. An evil force from the family’s past has returned to upheave their lives. Jack and his cousins explore the family secrets as they are pulled through a portal into a universe of endless worlds and possibilities. Together, they race to escape and destroy the evil Theorden and his followers who strive to unlock the power of the Forgotten Portal and wreak havor on Gregson Manor and the World.

The Sandman cometh dancing to the beat of rock ‘n’ roll, blasting the turmoil of the Sixties. And where are you? West Texas, of course. Billie Jo Dunstan confronts her past, traveling back to the 1960s through a decade of turbulence and swirling color memories, contemplating life growing up in rural Texas. Tragedy and comedy come alive, preserving the past and a portion of small town life that will survive beyond super highways and the ratcheting progress of time.

If you like music and romance, you’ll love Nothing but a Song…the story of Rebecca Kendall who has a life any nineteen-year-old would envy: musical talent, love, romance, and a promising future. When a tragic accident erases her past, present, and future, Rebecca’s life turns into turmoil and irreconcilable loss. Becca faces her new life alone, angry, depressed, and DEAF. Becca wants nothing but a song, but will her dream survive such insurmountable odds? Will she ever take another chance at love? Only a mysterious stranger can answer those questions.

“They’re all going to pay for their fathers’ sins…Let the games begin…”

Deep in the woods, trees left uprooted from heavy rain surround an old unmarked grave, a purple ribbon tied around the victim’s neck.

Worlds collide when two strangers suddenly find themselves struggling to survive the Alaskan wilderness. Stranded in a small hunting cabin as a blizzard descends upon them. Daphne and Tom are forced to confront their individual insecurities as they learn to accept, and be accepted by, the other. As they come to know each other, and to accept themselves, a temporary romance flares. Each knows the weather raging outside will not last forever. Is there hope that the storm growing within their hearts will?

Children’s Books

magic of a dream
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