Freelance Editors

Below are some of the editors we have used in the past. If you would like them to edit your book, please contact them individually.


Claire Shepherd

I am a lover of literature and language equally. I graduated with a BA in English from the University of Northern Colorado and will be working on my MA in English from the same institution. I am a reader and a writer with a passion for knights, chivalry, and quests. I have spent countless days at Hogwarts and Camelot; I have been to Middlemarch; and I’ve sailed a river with my good friends Huck and Jim. I am a lover of historical novels—both fiction and non-fiction. I’ve traveled the world in my books, and I’m always up for a new adventure. I live in Loveland with my husband and my library.


Rachael Webster

As a child, one of the most frequent arguments I had with my mother revolved around how many books I was allowed to take out of the library in one trip. Once home, I spent my days traveling around the world, babysitting with my fellow club members in Stonybrook and conjuring magical behavioral cures for the naughty children in Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle’s neighborhood.

As an adult, I still spend a significant amount of time living in the pages of book. In my time outside of those pages, I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Carlow University with a degree in Professional Writing and minors in Communications and Philosophy. I won several university awards for my writing. I went on to earn my Masters degree in the art of teaching from Chatham University and taught English in Title 1 schools. I have also worked as a freelance writer, editor, and grant writer.

I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with my husband and daughter; the latter has recently decided that I am no longer cool. Little does she know that she is almost exactly like me. While I love almost all books, my favorite genres are Memoir and Young Adult fiction. Email:


Bonnie McKnight

My family tells me that I have been correcting people since I was two years old; I have since grown into a full-fledged grammar stickler. I enjoy helping people improve their writing. I love words and the way they work together to tell stories. Reading is my favorite hobby, and fantasy is by far my favorite genre. I love to travel and learn the stories of other peoples and places. I lived in France and Belgium for over two years, and I am fluent in French—which has taught me more about the English language than any of my English classes. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in history and English from the University of Denver and my Master’s in book history from the University of London. I live in Fort Collins with my computer-loving husband.  Lady Knight Editing, LCC Email: