–Eugene M. Gagliano Awards

1990 Wyoming Writers Emmie Mygatt Success Award

1991 Range Writers Poetry Contest, 1st place, THE DAKOTA, 1991: “Prairie Quilt”

1995 Wyoming Writers Emmie Mygatt Success Award

1999 Children’s Writers Fiction Contest, 1st place 

2001 Arch Coal Teacher Achievement 

2004 IRA’s Wyoming State Celebrate Literacy Award

2005 Wyoming Indian Paintbrush Award nominee (Secret of the Black Widow)

2006 Western Writer’s Spur Award nominee (Four Wheels West)

2006 38th Children’s Literature Festival at Central Missouri State University 

2010 Wyoming State Historical Society Award for Best Fiction (Dee and the Mammoth)

2010. Delaware Diamonds Book List Children’s Choice Award (My Teacher Dances on the Desk)

2010 Raising Readers in Wyoming 

2011. National Book Festival in Washington, D.C (Dee and the Mammoth)

2013 College of Education Fall Literacy Conference. “Encouraging Creative Writing in K-8 Classrooms.” University of Wyoming.

2016. Recipient of Recipient of the Office of the Poet Laureate of Wyoming 

2017 Wyoming Geographic Alliance Conference 

2018 EVVY Award winner, 3rd place (Wedge of Fear)

2018 National Book Festival in Washington, DC. (Is It True?)

2019 EVVY Award winner, 2nd place (Snap)