Diane Nighswonger

I am Diane Nighswonger, and I love fantasy, science fiction, and happy endings.  I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 36 years, and we have 2 happily married children and 2 grandchildren, so far.  I taught English, French, and journalism for 30 years and am now re-inventing myself as I work in a fashion boutique.

I wrote and directed 2 vacation bible programs and 3 Sunday School Christmas pageants.  I also self-published a beginner reader’s book about my father-in-law as a boy in rural Wyoming so my grandchildren would know about their Grandpa Tom.

The tales I am writing are simple stories designed to entertain, to impart a good message, and perhaps to enchant just a little.

“Godmother?” asked the littlest of the flower fairies.  “Will you tell me a tale of the magic of Men, one with kings who dance and the girls who enchant them?  Such a tale will start my day of painting faces on pansies and ruffling the edges of the iris.”

From Lucien I:  The Rescue