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Nothing but a Song

Rebecca Kendall has a life any nineteen-year-old would envy: musical talent, love, romance, and a promising future. When a tragic accident erases her past, present, and future, Rebecca’s life turns into turmoil and irreconcilable loss. Becca faces her new life alone, angry, depressed, and DEAF. Becca wants nothing but a song, but will her dream survive such insurmountable odds? Will she ever take another chance at love? Only a mysterious stranger can answer those questions.

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Animals Galore

Do you like animals? Funny animals? Animals Galore is the delightful tale of four humorous and unusual animals. This poem is guaranteed a laugh and great entertainment for children of all ages. Meet the Animeau, the Fredator, the Purple Cow, and the Eggplant Elephant.

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Blemished Beauty

Worlds collide when two strangers suddenly find themselves struggling to survive the Alaskan wilderness. Stranded in a small hunting cabin as a blizzard descends upon them, Daphne and Tom are forced to confront their individual insecurities as they learn to accept, and be accepted, by the other. As they come to know each other, and to accept themselves, a temporary romance flares. Each knows the weather raging outside will not last forever. Is there hope that the storm growing within their hearts will?

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Confessions of a 4th Grade Athlete

Confessions of a 4th Grade Athlete is an amusing story of a young boy’s elementary school days and his involvement in various sports teams. Times get tough when the Attention Monster zaps him into a sports hero’s dream.

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Eggs with Ham

The adventures of Eggs, the dog, and his young boy Hamlet (Ham). Follow them through their day of discovering new friends and fun activities.

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Eggs with Cheese

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Jack Gregson & The Forgotten Portal

Something has changed at the Gregson Manor. An evil force from the family’s past has returned to upheave their lives. Jack and his cousins explore the family secrets as they are pulled through a portal into a universe of endless worlds and possibilities. Together, they race to escape and destroy the evil Theorden and his followers who strive to unlock the power of the forgotten portal and wreak havoc on Gregson Manor and the world.

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Jake the Happy Trash Truck

This is the story of Jake the Happy Trash Truck who turns into a recycling truck hero!


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Opal the Little Red Opel

Like cars? Like stories about cars? Then you’ll enjoy Opal the Opel. Opal is a car from Germany that takes a trip to America. Follow her adventure on a journey from the factory, to a life of rust in the desert, to the important task of chauffeuring a new baby. Uniquely written and illustrated by Corbin Hillam, the poignant story is appropriate for all ages, even adult automobile enthusiasts. A read-to-me book.

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The Purple Group

“We are the purple group. Come and join our troop! We are the PURPLE GROUP!”

You can join this group and frolic through their many adventures and daily lives. Young children’s humor. Appropriate for ages 2-5 or any age at the potty training phase.

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This is a story written from the point of view of Sparkles, a dog who brings a sparkle of life to everyone she meets.

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Turtle Monkey and the Big Move

Turtle Monkey and her mom are the only green monkeys in the village. They used to be brown, but they don’t remember how they became green. Turtle Monkey and Mama Monkey like being green because it is easier to blend into the forest. In The Big Move, Turtle Monkey moves to a new home, finds new friends, goes to a new school, and encounters the school bully.


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